PPM(Shen Zhen) Inc.
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              About PPM
              Corporate Culture

              Our Values

              ◆ Customer success is our primary focus
              ◆ Innovative technology and creativity ensure our best quality,Cost and Delivery
              ◆ Continuous improvement is way of life
              ◆ People are our most valued resource
              ◆ We behave ethically and responsibly
              ◆ Financial health enables us to invest in our future

              Social Responsibility

              PPM has been providing customers with best application solutions through unremitting innovation and excellent operation. With our eyes on financial health and shareholder returns, we also take employee growth and social responsibility into account. Through efforts to support infrastructure in rural regions and promote technology innovation, we constantly pass our core values “national prosperity, corporate growth and people's well-being” to society and employees.

              ◆ Fund poor students at former revolutionary areas
              ◆ Build roads for remote mountainous area
              ◆ Provide training for employees,focus on growth
              ◆ We emphasize technology innovation.

              PPM Solution

              Our company has been pursuing higher power,lower consumption, less emission, and safer driving as a sustained goal for technology development. We focus on core products application on global vehicle platforms and have been highly regarded by customers and society.

              Valve Train
              Fuel System
              Emission System
              Safety System
              Steering System

              About PPM
              Company Profile
              Corporate Culture
              Company History
              Our Structure
              Honor Certificates
              Quality Certificates
              Company Snapshot
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